Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Dis, Dhat and the Other Ting"

Funny title I know. You see, my sweet, sweet mother-in-law was a war-bride from Belgium. And even after all her years in the U.S., she never really lost her dutch-inspired accent. So..."This That and the other Thing" (an expression she used often) was always "Dis, Dhat and the other Ting."

She passed away several years ago but left a permanent smile stamped on my heart. And since this post is about several pieces..."Dis, dhat and the other ting," comes to mind.

This lamp was soooo FUN to do! I found it on another one of my road trips; sitting all alone and ugly in the back of this dank, dark store. But I love floor lamps, mostly because they are so versitile. You can move them around from room to room, they don't take up much space and no table is required :-)

For once I have a before pic! Yippee me!!!

Yucky...right? So I chose a red spray paint and got to work. I really like red for a pop of color in a room. Red is one of those colors that goes with most decors. It looks great against blue, yellow, white, green and many more colors.

Can you see the sea serpent? How cool is that?

To finish it off I just bought a lamp shade and hot glued some red ribbon around the bottom. Clean, crisp, bright and done!

This post really has some color in it!

Another reason I believe I've been thinking of my mother-in-law lately is because she loved shelves, chotskies, and pictures of her family all over her walls.

The whole time I was painting this little shelf I kept thinking of how she would have loved this on her wall...probably filled with collectible pigs!

This shelf was the usual boring brown wood. I love, love, love green. And just so happened to have some left over from my side table project so I got to work. For some fun I added scrapbook paper to the back and gave it even more life! I distressed the shelf a bit, added some wax for protection and it's ready for a second life!

And finally, "the other Ting"

A cream colored wall shelf.

I'm quickly learning that cream and white are pretty hard to photograph. It's tough to get a good detail shot. I have a lot to learn but I love to take pics so I'll just keep going :-)

Once again, this was originally brown. I really think by painting it cream helps the scallops along the shelf edges pop. And there are so many possibilities for this shelf. Think of it in your bathroom, girls room, kitchen or bedroom.

This has grown to be a pretty long post. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Have a great day!

All of these pieces will be added to my "Items for Sale" page so check it out if your are interested.

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lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

i really like your floor lamp,love the red. i saw one of these at an estate sale but the thing that the bulb screws into was messed up. now that i see yours i wish i would have gotten it and just replaced that piece. next time i will if i get the chance.

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