Friday, May 27, 2011

Schools out for summer and a trip to the ER!!!

WOW!!! Another year down. Sometimes I can't believe how quickly the year flies by. As usual we started the last day of school with a bike ride. Each year my husband and the kids ride their bikes to school on the last day. They really look forward to it and it sort of symbolizes the lazy days of summer to come. It seems like all the other days of the year we are rushing out the door with no extra time to take the bikes.

Once the report cards were handed out and all the parents spent a few extra minutes in the parking lot lamenting about the beginning of summer vacation, we headed home and fired-up the grill. As usual we had a few extra friends over to start the holiday weekend off right.

The kids played outside all day. While the hubby and I spent our time trying to get the rental house next door ready for our new, temporary tenants. I think at one time today we had at least 10 kids running around. Which perhaps explains the trip to the E.R....not really though. It was just an accident. Our little guy fell off the scooter and split his chin open. Our town has a brand new hospital and I've been wanting to check it out but not this way (it is very pretty BTW!). In the good news department, they were able to glue his chin. No stitches, no needles and he was a trooper...yeah!

So here's to a great summer; sleeping-in, bike rides, 4-H camp, catching fire-flies, camping out under the stars, baseball games, bike washes, swimming, cook-outs, lemonade stands and sleep-overs.

Let the fun begin!!!

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