Monday, May 23, 2011

A New Beginning

Welcome to my new blog and my new beginning.

I have been planning to start this blog for some time now. And I am so excited to finally post something! First a few shout-outs to those who have made this possible.

My husband and children have been so wonderful throughout this whole process. Whenever a new piece of furniture appears in the garage the kids automatically ask, "Is this for The Painted Turtle?" And my husband is and has always been so supportive in every new thing I do. This time is no exception.

To my good friend Tom, who is my go to guy for tech support. His latest act was to install a new keyboard on my laptop. The period, letter L and return keys haven't worked for about a year now. Thanks, Mr. T!!!

Also, to my "idea" girl Melanie, a big thanks! She is always up for a road trip to find new treasures and as her title suggests...full of ideas.

And to someone who doesn't even know I exist. Marian over at the blog entitled Miss Mustard Seed. I found her blog about four months ago and I check it out every day. It is such a pleasure to read her posts. She is so generous with her talent, expertise and experiences. One day I hope to meet her in person.

Finally, to my sister Tara, she is my first and so far only follower on this blog. She told me she wanted this recognition. So Tara...her ya go sista!

Let the games begin!!!!

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Heidi said...

Well, well, well! Welcome to blogland! You'll have loads of fun! Plus blogging seems to really help us to actually finish we can blog about them! It will spark your creative juices even further! Hugs, Heidi

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