Monday, June 10, 2013

Moss Avenue Sale

On Saturday, I participated in the 33rd Annual Moss Avenue Sale in Peoria, IL. The day was absolutely gorgeous and the event was a complete success. Man, I love those days!!!

I've been painting for two weeks straight...sure glad I love my job :-)

I was able to cut the last of the seasons' peonies right before we left the house in the morning. It was like they saved themselves for this day. Sooo many people came up and touched them while at the same time asking if they were real.

I was so happy with the color combo on this chest. I loved this piece of furniture. The top drawer pulls out to become a serving tray! How cool is that?

My daughter's friend said this table looked like a gosh it does!

I saw this idea on Pinterest. You know how out of the 100's of ideas you see, there is always one or two that stick in your head and won't go away until you try it yourself? This was one of those for me.

I'm loving me some mid-century modern furniture right now. 

Oh yes, it was!!!

Loving every moment of this journey!

I was so glad to have such a wonderful time and to meet so many great people. I'm sure I'll be participating again next year!

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Twice Nice said...

Not sure how I missed this post, but man have you been busy. I loved that green buffet, and then I saw the yellow one and I loved it too, and then I saw the Tuxedo table and I loved it a LOT, and then I saw the bike coffee table and I really loved it, and...Tons of fabulous stuff you've been creating!

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