Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What happened to the last 4 months?

Has it really been that long since my last post? Yep it sure has...where did the time go? All I can say is that time flies when you are having fun! 

I just re-read a post from this time last year where I picked GROW as my Word of the Year. After looking back on 2012,  I must say I'm pretty darn proud of myself! My family is "growing" up happy, healthy and so far pretty well-adjusted :-) And my business has grown throughout 2012 with lots more potential for 2013! The future is bright!

Let me get you caught up with the last 4 months.

In August I participated in a flea market/vintage show that is always a ton of fun and pretty successful. This years event was even better because I met a most wonderful gal. She was preparing to open a new store in Springfield, IL and asked if I would like to add my furniture. THIS was exactly the opportunity I was wanting to pursue so I immediately jumped at the chance.

Cassandra opened her store, Urban Sassafras, in September.

I have tell you she has been the best surprise of the year! Cassie is such a wonderfully kind, warm, and inviting person and on top of all that, she's super talented. She can paint, craft, sew, construct and her photography is to die for!! I never know what she will come up with next but it's sure to be super cool.

I work in the store twice a month and always look forward to spending the day in such a creative environment. It's also nice to dip my feet in the retail world again.

If you live in the area make sure to plan a visit to Urban Sassafras. You won't be disappointed! Things change daily...and I do mean daily. I'm sure you will be hearing a lot about the store in this blog over the next year. It's become a big part of my business...thanks Cassie!!!

I love all this color!!!
Also, I guess it's time to think of a "Word of the Year" for 2013.
2012's worked out beautifully. I'll keep you posted :-)


cp photography :: cassandra pence ostermeier said...

you're the sweetest! xoxo

Patty Sumner said...

You are so right,"time flies by when you are having fun." It looks like yo have been busy. Have a great day! Blessings!

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