Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going Green

As I've sat on the couch in my living room and looked into the dining room a few things just didn't {sit} well with me...pardon the pun :-) My dining room bugged me and had for a while. Finally, one day I got it...my dining room was decorated in a way that I thought dining rooms "should look" not necessarily the way I wanted it decorated. 

I like color...I think I've mentioned that before...and this room needed COLOR!!! Everything I saw was brown. The floors, woodwork and dining table were all...yep you guessed it...brown. However, those three things were not changing. I will NOT paint my floors, beautiful woodwork or 100 year old gorgeous table. Soooo the color had to come in other forms.


I started with my buffet. I had painted it black many years ago so it was an easy choice for an update. Green is my favorite color and I love putting a pop of color on large pieces in my rooms. Also, the tapestry we picked up in Belgium 15 years ago had to be put away in storage. I would never get rid of it but WOW...15 years...it was time for a change!!!

Here's a before pic of the buffet. My grandparents gave this to us about 18 years ago when they moved to a new home and no longer had room for it. They bought it shortly after getting married so it's now close to 70 years old; and still an awesome piece

I decided to paint a harlequin pattern on the top to add a bit more interest. 

First I painted the whole piece green and then added the pattern on top. This allows for some of the green to peek through the gray. When distressing it's always important to think about what will show underneath. You have to think in layers.

Annie Sloan's Antibes Green is a bright green. Too green for even my tastes so I toned it down using brown wax.

I found these awesome knobs at Hobby Lobby. Aren't they great? Pardon the folded piece of paper that keeps the door closed...did I mention it's 70 years old :-)

Yummy distressing!!!

Now whenever I look into my dining room I smile :-) I love the added brightness and color!

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Twice Nice said...

I've never ordered the antibes green, but boy am I tempted now! Love how it turned out!

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

i would love to feature your cabinet, love the green, if this would be ok with you please let me know.

Meeha Meeha said...

I love the happy color and the way you toned it down - so much better than a kitschy shiny paint job!

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