Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hello blog world!!! I've got a few questions for my follow bloggers out there. Do any of you ever have a hard time coming up with something to say in your posts? Lately, I believe this has been my block. I want to post more, often plan to but once I sit down and "try" to get started all that comes to mind's some furniture, I painted it, thanks.

Interesting huh? I'm looking for some tips. Do you use a notebook and write down funny thoughts throughout your day? Let the world in on the day to day happenings in your life? Where do you get your inspiration? Please help a girl out!!!

So....hmmm what to say :-) Here is a cute little table I picked up from someone's basement. It started out dark and scratched but with those legs I knew "the little lady" could be so much more! I was inspired to add the french postcard artwork on the top of the table because of the legs.

The grooves on the legs are just so....groovy :-) They add tons of interest and; I really love how after I distressed them the brown comes through the blue and the colors compliment each other.

If only my curves looked this good! The nice thing about the size of this table is it's versatility. It's the perfect side table but also just big enough to be used as a coffee table in a small space.

I love to conjure up what the original sender and receiver of this envelope were like and what he letter inside had to say. Was it from a son to his mother, a boyfriend to a girlfriend, father to his daughter? It's so fun to imagine the possibilities and let your mind run wild!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends and perhaps taking a moment to remember all those who have gone before us.


p.s. Don't forget to comment if you can give me any tips on how you come up with inspiration for your posts.

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Twice Nice said...

Coming up with those in between posts is the hardest thing for me too! I'm still working on it myself.
Love the table! Pretty color and I adore the graphic.

Stacey said...

Very pretty Colleen! Love the graphic you chose!
Thanks fo linking! Love the new look by the way!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Harps and Ollie's Mom said...

My challenge is to come up with interesting ideas or topics for a post...usually I'm OK if I have an idea, I can rif with the content. Not that I'm saying I'm brilliant or anything... I have started writing down ideas as I think of them, like Dining Room Before (even though I don't have an after yet), same for Entryway and Kitchen, Schools out, Vacation, my girls Dance Recital... Little Miss Momma had a post recently with some was "Things you should know about me if we're gonna be BFF!!" which I posted and I got a ton of helps your readers get to know you. (Not that I have a LOT of readers! LOL) Good luck and share if you come up with other ideas!

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