Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty Pretty Chair

I love chairs...I mean I really love chairs! I wish you could see my basement. At least half of the storage room is filled with chairs in many different stages of repair or shall I say dis-repair.

This cute little chair has literally sat in about seven spots in my house. It's so darn sweet. The size is perfect because it doesn't take up much room. It can be added to the table when an unexpected guest arrives, pushed up to a desk to write a quick note or used to brighten the corner of any room.

I painted the chair using ASCP in Old White and distressed it a bit to add some character. And then...the fabric...I LOVE this fabric!!! It just makes me happy with it's bright colors and flowers. Who doesn't smile when they see flowers?

I'm working on another project using this fabric. And I must's fabulous!!! Stay tuned!!! Have a wonderful Easter!

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Twice Nice said...

So cute! I have some of that same fabric, not on anything yet, but it just makes me happy to have it!Someday I'll get it on a chair like yours!

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