Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Rocked It!!!


Last week I linked my latest project...the drop leaf the fabulous blog Embracing Change. Stacey started her own Linky Party several weeks ago and it's growing like wildfire! Her blog is super fun and inspirational in it's own right and now her linky party is giving me even more ideas each week. Check it won't be disappointed. Thanks Stacey for the wonderful honor!

In my last post I hinted about some changes coming to The Painted Turtle. One of them is my new location/work space. I've spent the last six months or so working in our basement when we temporarily rented the house we own next door to a young couple. Several weeks ago they moved on and now I've got my play house workspace back!!!

This was the house my in-laws lived in. Yep...right next door! And I would never have had it any other way. They were the most wonderful people I've ever known. My kids have grown up with Oma & Opa close by and we all loved it. They have now passed on and we all miss them every day. To many people it seems crazy to own a house that someone is not living in. But we cannot imagine NOT having that house as part of our lives. We still call it Oma & Opa's house. is now my workspace and showroom. I'm so excited to get settled in and begin working and decorating. One of my first projects is to try to reupholster the couches. Did I mention that I don't sew...eek!

There is still one more major change to come and I'm totally psyched about this one! Stay tuned!!!


lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

love the table! It turned out fantastic,

Patty Sumner said...

The table is great! When you start doing the reupholster work on the couches do a post. I need to do some reupholtering here too. Blessings and enjoy your Playhouse...oh, I mean

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