Saturday, January 28, 2012


In my last post I was contemplating what my "word of the year" should be. I made a list of possibilities and left them on the kitchen table to come back to at a later date. Several nights ago my hubby says "I like this one." "Really...why?" I said. His answer was "because I think it truly encompasses all our goals for the year".

So...the word is...GROW!

I want to use this year to "grow" into a new business. I would love to see my blog "grow" into something special. We are "growing" a wonderful family. This word has now been wondering around in my head for a few days and I think my hubby is right. I cannot think of one negative connotation associated with the word "grow". It's cheerful, confident, energizing, and adventurous. Yep...I like that :-)

Here is my latest project. What?'d like to see what it looked like before? Ha! I forgot again. My brother's mother-in-law found this on the side of the road...thanks Susan!!!

I painted this piece using Annie Sloan "Provence" chalk paint. It's the first time I've used this color. It's very pretty. Actually much prettier than my pictures show. I'm limping my digital camera along until I can buy a new one. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!! :-)

I had hoped it would be more intense. I'm looking for a great turquoise to paint my piano. But here's the great thing about this can mix and match to an infinite amount of colors.

This cute little table/secretary is great in so many place in the home. I've actually moved it around to several spots myself. It tucks into just about any spot seemlessly and can be used for a bit of storage and a small writing area. Although I could use it myself, I'm going to post it on my Items For Sale page.

Oh...and more exciting news for my little blog. I've surpassed the 50 follower mark!!! Whoohooo...way to GROW! And a big thank you to my friend Rachel for purchasing the harlequin table this week!!! I hope you enjoy it! My hubby was really happy to get a piece out of the house :-)

Until next time...have a great few days.

I'm gonna party here this week!

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